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Enjoying the beautiful outdoors doesn’t have to end when the chill of autumn arrives. Blanket your space in a circle of warmth and bring your friends and family outside much later into the fall and earlier in the spring. pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO brings the comfort of the indoors outside with a 15-foot area of consistent heat that is unaffected by the wind.

With a quick and simple setup, you are minutes away from enjoying your morning coffee from the comfort of your warm patio, allowing you to experience the season changes in nature rather than through your windows. pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO can be used in any outdoor space, garage, shop, cabin, or wherever you want effective, comfortable heat. Find out for yourself how the new revolution in heating is bringing the family outdoors again!

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Weatherproof Design
pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO’s ruggedness makes it a perfect fit for outdoor use. The aluminum body and design allow it to withstand the constant torture that mother nature throws at it. While it may not be ideal for monsoon weather, it certainly works in anything you yourself would want to stay out in.

24 Hour Shut-Off Timer
Don’t worry about walking away and leaving your heater on. With pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO’s 24-Hour Shut-Off Timer, you’ll be able to set the desired shut-off time and know it will take care of itself.

Superior Heating Technology
Using three different heating modes, pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO’s Carbon Fiber Element provides safe and efficient warmth without any of the dangers of Oil, Ceramic, or Quartz Bulb heaters. With an estimated lifetime of 5,100 hours, this heating element will keep you warm for years to come!

Remote Controlled Warmth
Tired of getting up to adjust the temperature or fan speed on your current heater? pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO comes with a remote to control Power Modes along with the 24-Hour Shut-Off Timer so you can make adjustments from the comfort of your seat.

360° Tip-Over Safety
Your safety doesn’t stop at the Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Element. pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO has far-reaching legs to prevent tip-overs, but because accidents happen, it also has a built-in Tip-Over Safety Shut-Off feature that will turn the power off if your heater ever gets knocked over.

Convenient Mounting
Need to save a little extra floor space? Use the included mounting bracket to remove pureHeat GARAGE & PATIO from your walking or sitting space. The unit connects easily to the mount and remains sturdy until it is removed.

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