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pureComfort YEAR-ROUND combines into one what has traditionally required two separate appliances, a heater and a fan. As an all-in-one single appliance, for winter it is a 1500W PTC (positive thermal coefficient) heater with strong air flow. For summer, it is a powerful fan that thrusts directed air for circulation throughout the room. Each stands alone with its performance and functions. This unique and advanced space heating and cooling system is 100% heater when you want warmth and 100% fan when you want cool.

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Manufacturer’s Description

Safety First
Bladeless airflow design protects from touching exposed heating elements or dangerous blades. Avoid accidents with both tip-over and overheating shut-off safety.

Whisper Quiet
Operates at a quiet 40 decibels, for a calm and peaceful white noise without intruding on your heating comfort.

Powerful Airflow
Strength of airflow moves air more quickly than traditional heaters or fans, keeping your room temperature consistent and comfortable.

Automatic Oscillation & Adjustable Tilt
Circulate heated air or fan-powered cooling air throughout the entire room using 90° automatic oscillation and the unique 52.5° vertical tilt adjustment ability.

12 Fan Speeds
Customize your comfort with 12 individual fan speed settings, offering airflow from a gentle breeze to a full gust of wind and everything in between.

9 Hour Shut-Off Timer
Use the convenient autho shut-off timer to manage room comfort at times when you are at rest or away.

Convenient Controls
Conveniently manage the functions with intuitive touch controls or use the included remote control from the comfort of your seat.

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